Thomas Hicks

Tommy Hicks is a rare 4th generation Floridian. His parents honeymooned at the Crystal River Plantation Inn when it was a newer building. Years later they threw Tommy his 8th birthday party there, and he fell in love with Citrus County.

Tommy has a wide variety of skills under his belt and is very knowledgeable about Florida, particularly the Nature Coast. As a "Cowboy" he ran a 6,000 acre farm, he managed a 21,000 acre timber business, he ran a utility system, he worked for a developer doing everything from sales to riding tractors, he has a pilot's license, and he has had his real estate license for almost 20 years.

Tommy enjoys boating, fishing, scuba diving, and many other activities our area has to offer. If you're looking for a friendly agent who can answer almost any question about the area, Tommy Hicks is the person to go to. He is ready and waiting for your call.